Every mother and baby are different so I adapt my service and support to suit you and your infant.

Postnatal Home Visit (Usually 90 minutes)

I aim to address your problems and concerns in the comfort of your own home.

At the end of your visit we would have developed a realistic plan of action that works for you and your family, leaving you feeling confident and content. I will provide continuous telephonic support after the visit, feel free to contact me if you have any further concerns.

Assisting with latching and positioning
Assisting with expressing and calculating feeds
Assessing the well being of your baby
Providing emotional support to you
Helping to build your milk supply
Developing a realistic routine
Monitoring your baby’s weight
Addressing maternal medical issues relating to breastfeeding
Solving complex feeding issues
Assisting with feeding a premature infant

Follow-up visit (Usually 60 minutes)

I will review and assess how the feeding is going and adapt the plan of action if need be. I can also address additional questions that you may have and discuss any further options that you may like to explore.

Antenatal visit (Up to 90 Minutes)

Whether you need basic breastfeeding information to address your concerns, whether your expecting twins, or if you need to work through a previous breastfeeding experience I am here for you. I can also give you advise on how to care for your newborn infant.

Skype Call

I also offer advise via a Skype call although this will relate to minor concerns/problems.

Cost (depending on travel time)