Elizabeth would always fit me into her schedule and be there when I needed her, be it for weigh ins, advice on feeds, someone to talk to or someone to reassure me, she was always there.” – Laura

In hospital our little one struggled to latch so we made the decision to go the express and bottle route. Elizabeth has guided us through this process, from the quantities of milk and the amount of feeds, to how to increase my milk supply and how to best set out a feed and sleep routine that suites all involved…needless to say (touch wood) we have a very happy, content, calm baby who generally sleeps happily in between feeds and is gaining weigh accordingly”. – Kate

I couldn’t recommend Elizabeth more, not only for her medical expertise in the field and her professional manner, but also for her unwavering passion for both mom and baby.” – Leanne

As a paediatric nurse, her knowledge is extensive and she is able to assist with a myriad of possible breastfeeding related complexities. Suggesting different ways to sit and/or hold baby, different pre- and post- breastfeed preparations, ways and means of increasing milk supply, dealing with thrush and/or engorgement and expressing timings and techniques – Lizzie is able to advise on it all!” – Joy

Lizzie is incredibly calm and supportive. Though her speciality is breastfeeding assistance, the great thing about Lizzie is that ultimately, she is there to help you and your baby find your equilibrium. Whether that’s exclusive breastfeeding, a combination of expressed bottle and breastfeeding,  a combination of breastfeeding and formula feeding, or formula on its own, Lizzie will support your choices and ensure that you and your baby find what works for you and are able to enjoy every minute of your first days, weeks and months together.

I cannot recommend her services enough. She is an absolute gem that every new mum needs on her side. – Sam

There is so much written and said about breastfeeding and the extraordinary benefits it has for newborn babies, so as a new mum, the anxiety associated with getting it right can be huge. Having a trained and experienced lactation consultant like Lizzie on hand is, in my opinion, absolutely invaluable. – Nicole